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Teen Warns Why You Should Think Twice Before Petting That Service Dog

For a person with a disability, owning a service dog is one of the most invaluable blessings imaginable. Because they are trained to detect potential health emergencies, their companionship is necessary 24 hours a day in order to help keep their owners out of harm’s way.

This Teen Has An Important Message For The Public

But despite the fact that most service dogs wear some type of vest that clearly indicates they are a working dog, people often disregard this to pet or make a fuss over what they perceive to just be a cute canine.

This Is Flynn. Flynn Looks Like A Regular Dog Except He’s Actually Hailey Ashmore’s Service Dog

Hailey Ashmore is pleading with the public to avoid interacting with service dogs because lives are at stake. She knows firsthand all about this because after an unassuming stranger bent down to pet her service dog Flynn, the dog became so distracted that he wasn’t able to detect that she was having a seizure.

Flynn Wears A Clearly Marked Vest To Indicate He’s A Working Dog

He’s trained to detect when she’s having a medical emergency.

Hailey Has Had Flynn For Three Years

They are together 24/7.

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