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An Abandoned Dog Left To Die Had A Head So Large She Couldn’t Lift It

Why are there so many stories about abandoned and abused animals recently? There has always been a problem on said front – after all, that’s why organizations like the ASPCA and PETA exist. On the other hand, it seems like social media and the critter oriented climes of social media have been going overboard with stories about the hurt, and wounded, and the unloved. In between cute kitten gifs and numerous posts about lost or dying four footed BFFs, we get the traditional outcry as man, once again, shows how horrible and hateful he can be.

This Is Caci, Before


But there are also situations which aren’t a person’s fault. Just like people, dogs and cats can be born with special needs and will struggle to survive without the help of vets and other medical treatments. A dog recently discovered in Puerto Rico could be the victim of either scenario. No one really knows how she got the way she did, but Caci was clearly left to fend for herself in the elements. Even worse, she had a condition which caused everyone concern.

Luckily, She Was Rescued And Started To Recover


You see, Caci’s head was so swollen and oversized that she could barely lift it. She wagged her tale weakly as a rescue team from the US came to her aid, but her ordeal was not over yet. When she arrived at a local vet, all agreed her condition was touch and go. They put a drain in her face and set a regimen of antibiotics. Slowly, the swelling decreased. It wasn’t long before the pitiful pup was looking like a dog again.

Now, She’s A Normal, Happy Dog


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