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Dog Travels 4 Miles Every Night To Take Leftovers From Woman, And This Time She Follows Him!

For three years, Lilica would make the four-mile trek to meet de Souza.

“I don’t travel, I don’t go to places and stay for too long because of her. I know she relies on me, so it’s a commitment that I have with her, and a commitment she has with me too ‘cause she comes every day,” de Souza said.

Then suddenly, Lilica did something de Souza found strange.


“One day, she stopped eating, grabbed the open food bag and ran away with it. And the food was dropping from the bag along the way,” de Souza recalled.

“Then, the following day when she finished eating I tied the bag. And she took it,” she added.

This continued for quite some time until de Souza became so curious with what Lilica was doing with the bag of food she decided to follow her.

What she found blew her away. Lilica was sharing the food with her junkyard friends!

Watch What Lilica Was Doing With The Food:

The owner of the junkyard, Neile Vãnia Antônio, who allowed all of the strays to stay at his property said: “We as human beings barely share things with others but animals sharing things with other animals is a lesson for us.”

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