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Dog Travels 4 Miles Every Night To Take Leftovers From Woman, And This Time She Follows Him!

There are so many stray animals in the world that go uncared for and hardly thought about.

Sure, we drive by shelters and visit adoption centers when we are thinking about getting a pet, but there are many, many more dogs and cats that fend for themselves on the street.


There are charities that help feed them and vets that donate medical services but one woman in Brazil decided to take matters into her own hands.

One night she happened to notice a stray dog wandering around her property.


The dog’s name was Lilica and she lived in a São Carlos junkyard since being abandoned in front of it.

Lilica had given birth to a litter of eight puppies and was in search of food for them. Her travels took her four miles away from the junkyard to where Lucia Helena de Souza lived.


De Souza fed Lilica and the dog returned the next night.

Lilica would take the leftovers de Souza gave her back to the junkyard for her pups until they were all adopted out.

But Lilica kept returning to de Souza.

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