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Family Considers Giving Away Their Dog Until He Saves Their Lives!

The Davises loved Patch very much but had run into a few concerns.

Patch had grown much larger than Nola and Richard anticipated and did not have a large house or yard to play in.

The couple decided it was best to give Patch away to another family that had more room. The kids were devastated so Nola felt that the final say could wait a few more days.


While home alone and relaxing in the bathtub, Patch came rushing into the bathroom. Terrified of water, Nola knew something was strange.

Patch began tugging at her arm until she got out of the tub and opened the door.

The house was engulfed in flames!

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After Nola had escaped outside, Patch saved her life once again by blocking her pathway to the car. Suddenly, the car also burst into flames but because of Patch, Nola was safe.

The Davises decided that fate was keeping Patch with them and decided they couldn’t give their savior away for any reason.

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