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Family Considers Giving Away Their Dog Until He Saves Their Lives!

You may not realize it at the time but some things were just meant to be.

It could be when you first met your significant other and had no idea that the person seated next to you in class or standing next to you in line at the coffee shop would one day become the love of your life.


The only available seat on the school bus could be next to the kid sitting alone and that person could turn out to be a lifelong best friend.

Having a little one play with your keys and misplace them could make you just late enough that you avoid a terrible car crash on your way to work.


The same fateful circumstances involve around pets, too.

The runt of the litter could be the sweetest and cuddliest kitten in the world.

The sickly stray dog you adopt from the shelter could be a lifesaver. Literally.


Nola and Richard Davis adopted a puppy named Patch much to the delight of their two kids. But it was a twist of fate that kept Patch living with the Davis family.

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