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With His Daughter’s Dying Puppy In His Arms, Vet Turns Away A Distraught Dad

When we humans are sick, we have a couple of options when it comes to treatment. We can either head over the offices of our general practitioner and explain to him (or her) what ails us, or if things are really bad, walk into a clinic or hospital ER and throw ourselves on the mercy of the staff. In the end, we hope for a happy result, a successful diagnosis, and a treatment we can accept and live with (LIVE being the key word).

The PDSA Is In The Business Of Helping Animals


But for our pets, the situation is totally different. Back in the day, vets would routinely put animals down for such now treatable maladies as broken legs and heart murmurs. Since then, science and technology have made the assessment and protocol for most issues as easy as a series of tests. But there is still one factor that plays into both man and fur baby health. It’s green. We exchange it for goods and services, and as one father in Liverpool learned, it’s the difference between life and death.

They Pride Themselves On The Level Of Care


Podge Sweeney didn’t want his daughter’s little puppy to die. The dog was obviously sick, and the harried parent knew that a trip to the vets was the only answer. The problem? Money. When he took the ailing animal to his local clinic, the verdict was bank breaking. Podge only had about $45 to his name. The vet required $104 to look at the dog, or $154 to treat him. Heartbroken, he left the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals.

But This Dad Didn’t Find Them So Compassionate


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