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Dog Owners Are Taking Off Their Pets Collars In Touching Tribute

Adrian James is a part of the Facebook group Border Terrier Owners and posted a sad update on his beloved puppy that has caught the world’s attention.

“RIP my little Rocco I’m totally heartbroken you had to die in such a horrible way and only 5 months old, GUTTED”

With over 16,000 members, comments came flooding in asking James what happened to Rocco.

“My poor boy caught his collar on a kitchen door handle! He must had been jumping up to get on the work top and fell down catching the collar my poor Mum found him hanging on the door.”


Condolences began coming in from all over the world and a hashtag #CollarsOffForRocco was born, showing dogs with their collars off in tribute to their fallen friend.

Several of the photos even include messages offering their support for James and Rocco.

There are now over 750 comments on James’ original Facebook update and more than 400 Instagram posts with #CollarsOffForRocco.

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