Horrified Wife Tells Doctors That Her Husband Is Still Alive But They Refused To Reexamine Him!

As far as we’ve come with medical technology and training, mistakes are made daily.

The transgressions could be something little like misdiagnosing a strain as a sprain and at other times the mistakes can be major like not looking at all of signs and symptoms of a serious disease or condition and sending a sick patient home instead of properly treating them.


It’s unfortunate, but doctors are human and humans make mistakes. Often, another medical professional will catch the mistake and it can get corrected quickly.

For Michael Cleveland, his wife and even the medical examiner tried to explain to ER workers that he was not dead, but they refused to reexamine him.


It’s a very rare case that happened in Buffalo, NY in 2014.

Michael was at a local supermarket when he suddenly collapsed. An onlooker called 9-1-1 and paramedics gave him CPR and transported him to DeGraff Memorial Hospital.


Believe it or not, that’s when things actually took a turn for the worst and now his widow is suing DeGraff Memorial Hospital and the attending ER physician Gregory Perry for negligent death.

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