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These Awesome DIY Decorations Will Make Halloween A Treat!

The holiday season is right around the corner, which means you will have three solid months of festive decor!

However, finding all of it can be a little cumbersome.

Instead of spending hours – not to mention a small fortune – searching through craft stores, boutiques, and big-box outlets, why not try your hand at doing it yourself?

You have to start in the beginning, so give some of these 15 easy DIY Halloween decorations a try:

Tin Can Luminaries

Stocking up on luminaries for your garden path or front steps can be costly. Save money and make these durable illuminated tin cans instead!

Take the wrappers off a couple coffee cans (any can will actually do!) and write the word you would like to display in sharpie on the can. Trace the outline of the word with a hammer and nail (or use a cordless drill) and punch holes out. Paint the can black, put a candle or LED mini light inside and you’ve got Halloween-themed outside lighting!


Candy Corn Centerpieces

The sweetest decorations of the season! These are great because you can keep these through Thanksgiving as well. Rinse out a couple of empty bottles (any kind will do) and spray paint them white, orange, and yellow. Be sure to do one color at a time and wait for it to dry (it won’t take long) before starting the next. Once the bottles are completely dry, tie a fun bow around the neck.

For the smaller votive candy corn candles, pick up some small shot-sized glasses from a crafts store and place a votive candle inside, then place them inside a bigger glass. Fill some candy corn pumpkins and originals between the two glasses before lighting the candle.


Hanging Ghosts

This is so easy! Next time you’re at a big-box or craft store, pick up a couple styrofoam balls. Paint or draw with black sharpie some eyes, then drape some cheesecloth over them. You can screw a picture-hanging S-hook into the top of the ball then loop rope through to hang.


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