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Disney Characters Face Swap And The Result Is Amazing!

In today’s technology-fueled words, few things actually stick around.

Social media sites like Facebook have been around for a while and they likely aren’t going away anytime soon, even if SnapChat or any other new app comes along and tries to force it out.

But many sites come and go or are the biggest trend for a few months or years then dwindle into obscurity; remember MySpace?

Even within these apps, there are features that are fun for a minute then the next one comes out in an update and we move on.

One feature that looks to be staying put is Face Swap. Let’s face it, you never grow tired of seeing your best friend swap faces with her baby!

Even more entertaining than people we actually know is seeing celebrities or famous characters become the victim of a Face Swap.

Like our favorite Disney characters, for instance…

The Little Mermaid

Ariel and her best bud, Flounder, switch it up and its the happy-go-lucky mermaid who is concerned.


The Little Mermaid Pt. 2

Ha! Ursula and Ariel really do swap places! Can you imagine the movie if the roles really were reversed?


The Little Mermaid Pt. 3

Ariel and Eric must feel like this shouldn’t count since Sebastian hasn’t swapped faces with either of them because they definitely look a little crabby!


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