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This Pretty Much Sums Up The Differences Between Mom And Dad Parenting Styles

There are obvious differences between moms and dads.

The first being, well, mom carried you for nine months, giving up all her guilty pleasures like wine, getting her hair colored, and eating sushi in order for you to be born as healthy as possible.

There’s also the morning sickness, sleeplessness, back pain, weight gain, not being able to see below her belly, and oh – and your actual labor and delivery.

Dads, on the other hand, had to alter their lives through the process, like going on late night snack runs, giving foot rubs, and having to carry everything. 

They were forced to look at color palettes, watch parenting videos, and spend most of their free time at baby stores pretending to have an opinion on what blanket was the softest.

To their credit, they mostly did it without complaining. Mostly.

Once the baby arrives, those differences were still pretty definitive and stayed that way throughout your entire life.

Here’s a look at just some of the differences between moms and dads:

Feeding Time

We could stop right here since this picture alone sums up the differences in parenting styles between mom and dad. As you can see, mom has the baby strapped into a high chair, has child wearing a bib, and is carefully spooning baby-sized portions into the little one’s mouth. Dad, on the other hand, is doing the exact opposite.

Fun With Animals

Mom and child are enjoying a nice day at the zoo while dad and child are about to make the evening news.


Mom likely searched for weeks or even months and researched not only customer reviews but safety ratings of all the strollers on the market. Dad turned the stroller into an Imperial Walker.


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