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Diabetic Boy And His Life-Saving Dog Graduate High School Together

After Tyler McCready was diagnosed in the 10th grade with Type I diabetes, his family did everything they could to help their son stay healthy. They took him to all the right doctors, made sure he had all of the right prescriptions and monitored him as best as they could.

But for a high school student, sometimes staying on top of your medications can be a challenge. When Tyler nearly slipped into a coma because his blood sugar levels were off, his parents knew they had to do something more to keep their son safe.

The McCreadys knew that getting a service dog would radically change their son’s life, so they started a GoFundMe account and within weeks, Sinatra¬†entered their lives. The diabetic alert dog has been by Tyler’s side ever since.

And when Tyler recently graduated from high school, little Sinatra was decked out in his own cap and gown, right alongside Tyler.

Tyler McCready Has Type I Diabetes

He’s been diagnosed since the 10th grade.

When His Blood Sugar Levels Slipped Too Low

His family knew he needed extra protection to keep him safe.

So They Started A GoFundMe Campaign To Raise Funds To Get Him A Service Dog

Within a few weeks, Sinatra arrived!

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