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Days Before Wedding, Crocodile Ate Bride’s Arm But The Ceremony Went On As Planned!

Every little girl dreams of their wedding day. Some imaginative little ones even stage their own, wearing a towel as a veil and having a stuffed animal play the groom. Of course, when the day comes years later, it’s nothing like the woman once imagined it to be. There’s a lot more stress involved than she could have imagined and the wedding doesn’t always go off without a hiccup or two.


Most brides are prepared that not everything will go as smoothly as they planned, even though they make sure all the details are triple-checked in the months leading up to the ceremony. However, accidents happen and you can’t always control the outcome. What you can control is how you handle them.


Zanele Ndlovu and her fiancé, Jamie Fox, had their perfect wedding planned for May 5th. All the final touches were finished all they needed to do was show up at the venue and exchange “I do’s.” The couple decided to take a relaxing canoe ride down the Zambezi River five days before their wedding was scheduled.


Not long after setting out on their canoe trip, tragedy struck. An eight-foot crocodile jumped from the water, grabbing Zanele by her arm and dragging her under the surface. Jamie was thrown from the canoe in the opposite direction.

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