Daughter Is Expecting A Video From Her Military Dad At Graduation; What She Got Was A Roomful Of Tears

Claudia Lea’s father Major Brett Lea is stationed in Germany which means he’s missed a lot of her events over the years. There was one event he wasn’t going to miss, however: her college graduation.

Months prior, Major Lea contacted the president of Marshall University and asked if they would help him surprise Claudia during her commencement ceremony on May 5th. University officials were more than happy to help pull off the surprise. Many people were in on it, including his wife and Claudia’s mother, and it took a lot of planning to pull it off.

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During the ceremony, Marshall University President Jerome Gilbert announced that he received a letter. He asked Claudia to stand and to direct her attention to the video screen. Claudia expected a video message from her father, who she thought was overseas. Suddenly, President Gilbert announced they were experiencing “technical difficulties.” Claudia waited patiently for the video to start. In the meantime, her dad was waiting for the go-ahead!

Watch It Unfold:

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