Daughter Is Expecting A Video From Her Military Dad At Graduation; What She Got Was A Roomful Of Tears

It can’t be said enough how special military families are. Every member of the family has to make sacrifices that most of us couldn’t imagine having to make. They live each and every day knowing there’s a chance they won’t see their loved one ever again while still trying to live their lives as normally as possible.

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Most couples can’t bear to be without each other for a couple days, let alone the months that military couples have to be apart. In many cases, their loved one is serving overseas which means even FaceTiming can be a struggle. It takes patience, understanding, and strength on everyone’s behalf to keep the household running smoothly and full of love.


It’s definitely a joyous occasion when the families are reunited after a deployment. Thanks to social media, we are blessed to share in these heartwarming moments with the families involved. It doesn’t matter how many we see, watching them never gets tiring.


The most tear-jerking reunions are the ones that involve the children of servicemen and women. As difficult as it is for husbands and wives to be without their loved one, it’s painful for kids to be without their parent, regardless of the amount of pride they have for them. That goes for children of all ages…

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