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Dating Contestant Removes Wig At Dinner, Reveals Secret That Leaves Viewers In Tears

Eve Watts is a beauty therapist, which means she spends her time making others feel good about the way they look. It’s a cause that’s dear to her heart as she’s battled the devastating effects of losing her hair at age three due to alopecia.

Eve Wears A Wig Because She Has Alopecia

Eve wanted to reclaim her life again and after being single for three years, she decided she wanted to get back into the dating scene again. So with a little coaxing from her best friends, she applied to be a contestant on the popular dating show First Dates.

Contestants Jordan And Eve Planned To Meet For Their First Date

Eve was paired up with Jordan, a teaching assistant, and the two agreed to meet up in a restaurant. At the beginning of their date, when Jordan mentioned he used to wear his hair in a topknot, Eve took that as her cue to mention to her date that she was bald.

Eve Wanted To Show Her Date Who She Was Right Away

In a bold and freeing move, Eve removed her wig at the dinner table and explained she has alopecia. She said it was the first time she had ever done that on a first date.

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