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Family Warns Parents About Surprise Ingredient In DIY Slime That Burned Their Daughter

If you’re a parent or a caregiver, then chances are you’ve created your fair share of homemade arts and crafts recipes with the kids – Play Doh, decoupage, melted crayon art…the list goes on and on.

And who could forget the ooey, gooey fun of slime? Kids love the slippery, slimy science project feeling of making an all out mess and not getting in trouble for it. But despite the fact that slime has been around for what seems like forever, there’s an potentially toxic ingredient in the homemade version of slime that can unexpectedly burn your child.

Kathleen Quinn’s parents want other parents to be aware of this dangerous ingredient because their 11-year-old daughter suffered second and third degrees all over her hands. Her hands were covered in blisters and she had to be rushed to the ER for treatment ASAP.

That ingredient is Borax and although it’s been approved to be used as a cleaning product (just not a “green” cleaning product), it’s actually toxic if ingested. Borax can cause seizures and is also very dangerous if you get it in your eyes. It’s been proven to threaten fertility (according to the European Chemicals Agency) so expectant mothers should be wary, too.

But just because you don’t have Borax doesn’t mean you can’t make homemade slime. Here are is an easy alternative recipe to use instead to keep you and your family safe and in the slime zone again!

Kids Love Playing With Slime


If You’ve Made The Homemade Version Before, Then You Recognize This Ingredient


Kathleen Quinn’s Parents Want You To Know That Borax Isn’t Exactly Safe To Use


Kathleen Suffered Second And Third Degree Burns On Her Hands. Borax Can Also Be Toxic If Ingested, Cause Seizures And Threaten Fertility


But You Don’t Have To Sacrifice Your Children’s Love Of Homemade Slime. Just Make An Alternative Recipe Like The One Below


Continue On For The Borax-Free Recipe And Have Fun!