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Dad Warns Other Parents About Disgusting Reason His Son Kept Getting Sick

Marie-Pier L’Hostie and Penny Powell of Montreal wanted to share a friend’s horrifying experience with other parents to warn them of the potential danger that could be lurking in their homes. After Simon O’kanada’s son kept getting sick over and over, he turned his house upside down in search for clues as to why.

In a moment of clarity, Simon realized the culprit might be his child’s Tommee Tippee sippy cup so he pried open the anti-spill mouthpiece. Imagine the horror he felt when he saw that the entire inside of the mouthpiece was filled with black mold.

The part, which cannot be washed, is made of opaque white plastic so any dirt or mold is concealed. And unless the mouthpiece is pried open, it cannot be detected.

When Simon called the company to explain his discovery, Marie said in her Facebook post that “the lady on the phone laughed out out loud.” Penny posted a similar story about Simon to help make other parents aware of the unsanitary discovery.

One by one, other parents cracked open the mouthpiece on their sippy cups and saw the same disgusting mold trapped inside. And no matter how many times they tried to clean it, the mold still remained.

After thousands of complaints were made to the manufacturer, a clear replacement part was sent to parents to help monitor any trapped mold. Shortly after, Tommee Tippee released a redesigned sippy cup to help prevent unsafe conditions like the one Simon discovered.

Now that’s using social media for a good cause!

To The Observable Eye, This Sippy Cup Part Does Not Look Suspicious

But After Simon O’kanada’s Son Kept Getting Sick…

…He Uncovered The Disgusting Truth

His Son’s Sippy Cup Mouthpiece Was Filled With Mold

Thanks To This Dad’s Disturbing Discovery, Several Parents Were Made Aware And Tossed Out Their Child’s Cups. The Company Has Since Redesigned Their Sippy Cups


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