Dad Cuts Off His Teen Daughter’s Hair After She Gets Highlights To ‘Humiliate’ Her

Parents are undoubtedly still strict, we’re not saying teens are running rampant all over towns across America; we’re just pointing out how what’s acceptable in society and what isn’t, evolves as generations do.

Sadly, a 13-year-old girl had the unthinkable happen to her and her heartbreaking story is now viral.

Kelsey’s birthday was in January and she wanted her hair highlighted as a present. Her mom Christin didn’t see anything wrong with her daughter’s request and took her to the salon. Unfortunately, Kelsey’s dad had a major issue with it…

Posted by Christin Johnson on Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Christin posted the above photo of Kelsey after they left the salon. She’s a beautiful girl and her highlights are very subtle and age-appropriate. However, her dad didn’t think so.

Kelsey stayed the weekend with her dad and stepmom and what they did to her is shaking the Internet. They chopped all of her hair off!

They told her the reason they did it is because “Actions have consequences.” Well, they’re facing some consequences for their actions.

Both her dad and stepmom are firefighters and have been suspended. The local child services is also looking into the matter because Kelsey’s aunt says the teen suffered emotional abuse as a result of the haircut.

Watch The Before And After:

Source: Dad Cuts Off All of Teen Daughter’s Hair after Getting Highlights for Birthday by Liftable

We think Kelsey’s gorgeous no matter what!

Kelsey’s mom and aunt believe they did it to humiliate her. Are the dad and stepmom wrong for what they did? Do you think they should be suspended from their fire department?

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