Father Of Two Goes From Caveman To Stud After Ambush Makeover!

Alright, ladies, how many of you look at your husband or significant other and hardly recognize the man you fell in love with all those years ago?

They’re still the same wonderful man you married or entered a relationship with, but you haven’t seen their face in so long you have to look at old photos to remember what they used to look like!


Of course, everyone’s appearance changes over time.

We put on a little weight, our style matures and, frankly, we run out of time taking care of everyone else that we stop caring about the latest makeup trends or spending an hour getting our hair just right.


Men go through that too although, let’s face it, they will never know the struggle of applying winged eyeliner!

Usually, for men it comes down to their choice of clothes, their facial hair, and the hair on their heads – or sometimes lack of it.


Kelly McCall – a mother of two – knows this struggle all too well. While she’s an absolute beauty, her husband Arron has let himself go in certain areas over the years.

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