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Adalia Rose Is ‘The Little Mermaid’ – Check Her And 15 Other Disney Halloween Beauties Out!

Every child – and some adults – love Halloween and it isn’t just for the candy!

Kids across the U.S. dress up to scare others, transforming into ghoulish creatures with realistic makeup and carrying props that add a little extra to their costumes.

But Halloween isn’t only about frightening sights like monsters, vampires, or zombies – there’s a sweet side to the holiday, too.

For some kids, Halloween isn’t about scaring others, it’s about getting in touch with who they feel they truly are inside – a princess or a superhero!

Little ones dress up as their favorite Disney princess or the superhero they look up to the most and for many children, it’s a metamorphosis that stays with them for the rest of their life.

Here are the cutest, sweetest Halloween costumes this year:

Elena Of Avalor

Since debuting on the Disney Channel last year, this teen heroine has quickly become the favorite princess of many little girls. The network produced a movie last year but we’re all waiting for Princess Elena to hit the silver screen.


Over three decades ago, R2D2 was the go-to robotic hero of the Star Wars franchise, but BB-8 is now the favorite among new fans.



Belle from Beauty and the Beast has been a mainstay in the realm of Disney princesses since the 90’s and got a reboot recently with Emma Watson perfectly playing the role of the smart, strong, and beautiful Belle.


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