Curious Cat Lost His Library Privileges But Gained The Love & Support Of The Internet

This is Max. Max is an interested the arts, enjoys a long strolls in the park, fancy feast and most importantly reading.

In his spare time, he likes to stroll the aisles of his local library enjoying the pleasures of reading a good adventure /thriller tale and on occasion even, a first person narrative.


Adopted by Connie Lipton, in Saint Paul, Minnesota this furry scholar lives just across the street from his human Dad’s place of employment.

You see, his pops is a professor at Macalester College which is just a short walk across a small street and this little kitty tries to make his way to class nearly every single day.

Well.actually, he walks to the library.

There is just one problem…. Apparently cats aren’t allowed in the library. Who knew?

FIND OUT How They Solved this case of curious kitty UP NEXT