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Say ‘Goodbye’ To Traditional Headphones and ‘Hello’ To CozyPhones For Kids

Modern technology. Without it, life would be so much more limited. Just imagine – no cellphones. No means of instantly connecting and communicating with family and friends. Or how about not having a tablet or iPad? How could you possibly live without access to Angry Birds, or Netflix, or other entertainment and productivity apps right at your fingertips? From handy monitors that help with your health to cars which can sense issues and warn you of them in advance, science keeps giving us advances and we keep adding them to our arsenal of mandatory must-haves.

They Are Called CozyPhones


But what about the smaller issues? Or how about those with special needs? Do we really focus on finding the easier way for all to access they same things? Take headphones. You probably don’t even think about them. Those little earbuds that Apple insists on providing with practically every item they sell may look cool, but for someone with sensitive ears or unusually shaped openings, their one-size-fits-all dynamic just isn’t practically. And for people who require something different because of physical or mental conditions, like hearing aides or autism.

They’re A Terrific Alternative To Traditional Headphones


That’s why so many families have taken to a new product called CozyPhones. Unlike traditional headphones, which are bulky, made of plastic, and difficult to fit, this soft, fabric wrap comes complete with everything you need to have a safe and secure listening experience. It contours to your head and makes listening to any device with a 3.5 mm stereo plugs easy as pie. From phones to tablets, even the headphone jacks in your cars or SUVs, CozyPhones are a must have for anyone with underage children. They work with car seats and other safety devices which many states mandate.

And They Work Amazingly Well For Kids With Special Needs


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