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Couple With 3 Kids Gets Pregnant Again But After The Ultrasound The Husband Passes Out!

Having multiple births is becoming a common occurrence in today’s society, especially if you’ve undergone fertility treatment.

Because there is no guarantee that one embryo will successfully implant into the lining of the uterus the first time, many women opt to have more than one embryo transferred during the process of IVF.

When it comes to natural conception, you’re more likely to have just one egg fertilized, although according to several medical sources, multiple births have increased dramatically since 1980.


Robert and Nia Tolbert know this all too well.

Their first child was a singular birth but their next pregnancy was twins. All three were boys.


The Tolberts have a history of twins on both sides of their family so although it’s an obvious shock to find out Nia was pregnant with not one, but two precious little angels, it wasn’t exactly a shock.

What happened when the twins were two years old sure was, however!


Nia found out that their beautiful family of five would be expanding. Both she and her husband were thrilled to welcome a new addition to their brood, but they figured that would be it; instead of parents of three, they would become parents of four and that would be the end of the story.

Except that it wasn’t…

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