Utah Couple Adopts Limbless Filipino Baby To Give Her A New Life But She Changed Theirs Instead

There are children all over the world who spend their infancy and early childhood in orphanages, hoping one day to find a family that will love them and take them home.

For many children overseas, a slight abnormality – sometimes something as innocent as a birthmark – can mean that people in their own country don’t want them.


Some orphans spend their entire childhood in a children’s home until they are thrust into the world the minute they become an adult.

If they have any type of disability, they sometimes end up living a tormented and sad life on the street without treatment, medicine, or any care at all.


Adrianne and Jason Stewert were hoping to find the missing piece to their five-person family.

At the time, the Stewarts had two biological daughters aged 11 and 13 and a six-year-old son that they had adopted from the Philippines years before.


The couple came across a photo of a beautiful baby named Maria who had bright brown eyes and a beaming smile.

But there was one thing very different about Maria – she was born without limbs.

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