Couple With 13 Boys Just Welcomed Baby No. 14 And It’s A…

Have you ever been in a grocery store, mall, or restaurant and saw a young couple with three sons and thought, “Bless their hearts”? Raising one son can have its challenges, but three, all close in age? It definitely takes a parent with the patience of a saint to pull it off. Now, imagine seeing a couple with four times that amount of sons. Actually, Jay and Kateri Schwandt from Michigan have four times that number – plus one!

The couple made headlines a few years ago because they already had 12 children and all of them were boys. Kateri was pregnant with their youngest, two-year-old Francisco, and just had Tucker, who’s now four. The chances of having 12 boys in a row was .02 percent but somehow the Schwandts beat the odds for their all-boy baker’s dozen.


The boys’ ages range from two to 25, with 10 still living at home. Throw in dear ol’ dad and that’s 11 men in one house! Crazy, right? As hard as it is to wrap your head around that number, don’t feel too bad for mom. Kateri is used to large families, being one of 14 children herself. Plus, think of all the money they’ve got to be saving on clothes with all those hand-me-downs lying around.

Both Kateri and Jay are 43 and started dating in high school. They got married right after they graduated and started having kids while they were in college and obviously haven’t slowed down since even while Jay attended law school and Kateri earned her Master’s degree.


This past February, the Schwandts started showing up in the headlines again because Kateri was pregnant with baby No. 14. Jay said after Francisco he thought that was it, but Kateri admitted she can’t imagine not having a baby around the house.

“We always knew we wanted to have a big family,” Jay said on the TODAY Show, “but we imagined that would mean 6 or 7 kids.” They also assumed there would be a couple girls sprinkled in the mix. Neither Jay or Kateri knew the gender of their younger brood members before they were born, opting to find out after their arrivals if they were finally having a baby wrapped in pink or if another boy would fill their home.

On Wednesday, April 18, 2018, the Schwandts welcomed Baby No. 14 into the world…and his name is Finley Sheboygan Schwandt. Why Sheboygan, especially because the family is from Michigan, not Wisconsin?

Jay explained on Facebook that he thought their newest bundle of joy could be a girl, “But She was ABoy Again — SheBoyGan,” he wrote. Clever, right? As for Jay and Kateri having more kids, they say Finley is their last one. But we heard that one before!

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Source: Couple with 13 Sons Welcomes Baby Number 14. Chances Were .02 Percent by Liftable

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