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You Got Served: Cop Sees 92-Year-Old Woman On The Street And Decides To Stop Her

You’ve probably noticed that police vehicles often have “To protect and serve” somewhere on them. The phrase was made famous by the Los Angeles Police Department in 1955 as a motto for their police academy.

Over the years, the credo has been adopted by police forces across the country.


One officer in Austin, Minnesota went viral after dashcam footage of what she considers “To serve” was released.

Before your blood pressure begins to skyrocket, you can rest assured, Sgt. Kim Lenz is about to make your day!


Every morning on patrol, Sgt. Lenz would see the same elderly woman walking, singing, and dancing along her route.

One day, Sgt. Lenz decided to pull her car over and find out just what was making this lady shine so early in the morning.


It turns out that the woman was 92-year-old Millie Seiver, who frequently went out on morning jaunts alone.

However, on this particular morning, Millie was about to have a dance partner!

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