Community In South Los Angeles Comes Together After Teen Was Shot By Sheriff’s Deputy

Protestors gathered Saturday demanding answers after law enforcement officials have declined to release information regarding the number of times the teenager was shot by deputies.

“We’re fed up. We’re not going to keep getting shot down,” resident Scott Iyzayria told KTLA.

“Because the way it’s been going, for the last five years, they shoot us down, get away with it and then they do the same thing in another six months,” he said.


What was once a relationship between law enforcement and the community built on trying to understand each other and work together has become fractured in recent years. There have been five deputy-involved shootings in the same South L.A. neighborhood where Anthony Weber was killed. The most recent shooting incident involving a deputy was in 2016 when Carnell Snell Jr.’s death also drew widespread outrage and protests. According to the L.A. Times, Snell’s death was within a mile of Anthony’s.

The shooting of Anthony Weber is still under investigation.

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Weber said he contacted the attorney general and requested to be present for his son’s autopsy.

“If I could just get a fair and impartial investigation — that’s what I want,” Weber during Saturday’s protests.

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