Chris Pratt Brings Ellen To Tears During Hilarious Moment On Talk Show

What happens when you put Chris Pratt and Ellen DeGeneres in the same room? Absolute comedy gold. When the Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 star recently appeared as a guest on Ellen, the two decide to play a few rounds of the game called Speak Out.

The idea behind the game is to wear a mouthpiece and then say a given phrase as clearly as you can. While the other player attempts to figure out what the heck you’re saying, you’re hoping they don’t because that’s when they score points.

Chris’ first phrase,”Where did you place the parakeet?,” went well. But as they progressed through the game, the results kept getting increasingly funnier by the second.

Ellen finally reaches her breaking point when Chris tries to say “I’m gonna bump you,” and the audience and everyone else on the set went wild.

You have to see for yourself in the clip below why this game is all the rage right now. If the biggest comedian in the world is bursting into tears from laughing so hard over this game, then you know you’re going to want to snap this one up for your next party!

Speak Out Is The Funniest Game Around

Even this grandpa can’t contain his giggles

So When Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Star Chris Pratt Was A Recent Guest On Ellen

The two decided to play the hilarious game.

Ellen Is Always Up For A Fun Time With Her Guests

During the game, Ellen could hardly contain herself!

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