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  • We’ve Seen It, Now The Review Of ‘Paddington 2’ Is In!

    Hi, friends! I’m so excited that Warner Bros. is sponsoring this post about their Paddington 2 film, which is in U.S. theaters now! For more info on the movie and for ticketing, visit the official site at Even if you haven’t seen the 2014 hit movie Paddington, you probably already know about the friendly bear from the Darkest […]

  • Baby Born With Brain Growing Out Of His Skull Was Saved By A Miracle

    Miracles come in many different forms to many different people. Some people experience a natural disaster and are the only ones on their street that come out unscathed. Others may have narrowly missed a fatal accident because they had to turn back for a forgotten cell phone. Some experience signs from loved ones who are […]

  • Pro Football Player Says His Life Was Saved By A Saint

    Ellen DeGeneres is one special lady. Sure, she’s talented, smart, and a trailblazer and her talk show entertains millions of people each day, but it’s what she chooses to focus on that makes her a little different from the other daytime TV programs. Ellen chooses to focus on kindness and generosity on her 10-time Emmy winning talk […]