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  • 7 Supermoms Whose Special Journeys To Motherhood Will Astound You

    For those who choose to be mothers, motherhood is one of the greatest blessings imaginable. And no matter how you became a mother, whether through adoption, IVF treatments or surrogacy, it’s the most life-changing special experience imaginable. For the seven moms below, motherhood might not have taken the traditional route – but they are that much more […]

  • Brave Mother Chose To Save Her Unborn Baby’s Life Instead Of Her Own

    It’s the hardest decision anyone has to make. Do you sacrifice yourself for someone else? Even after taking all the facets into consideration – pro and con – how do you do it? How do you take something from yourself and give it to another? We aren’t naturally altruistic. In fact, we’d prefer the situation […]

  • Creative Photographer Finds Way To Include Deployed Dad In Maternity Photos

    Even though Veronica Phillips’ husband Brandon is deployed overseas, she wanted to find a special way to include him in her pregnancy while he was away. So she reached out to photographer Jennifer McMahon of Jennifer Ariel Photography to see how they could incorporate Brandon into their upcoming maternity photo shoot. Veronica Phillips Wanted To Include Her Deployed […]