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  • Woman Shares Sweet Story Of A Trip To Disney That We Can All Learn From

    Every little girl has a favorite Disney princess. Eventually, those little girls grow up to be women but their fave princess remains in their hearts forever. (Source) Even when Disney releases a new princess, it’s hard to let go of the original. After you saw Frozen, you may have fallen in love with Elsa or […]

  • In Very Rare Occurrence, Baby Born In Amniotic Sac Is Caught On Video

    Worldwide, it is estimated that there are approximately 360,000 babies born every day at a rate of 15,000 births per hour. That’s a staggering number, but it also helps to understand how rare certain births are. via GIPHY En-caul births are one of these rarities, occurring once in every 80,000 deliveries. This type of birth means that the […]