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  • Where Are They Now? Check Out What Your Fave Meme Characters Look Like Today

    How did we ever seem to function without memes in our lives? Somehow this ridiculous “art form” has turned into a pretty significant form of communication – and we’re not complaining! If your friend is having a bad day, there’s a meme for that. Or if your sister just went through a devastating breakup, there’s […]

  • People Who Discovered Their Doppelgangers During Trips To The Art Museum

    The doppelgänger. Wait… What? You’ve never heard of that? How about the hoary old soap opera cliché about “the evil twin?” Maybe that rings a bell? Anyway, the notion that we have another version of ourselves running around out there has been popular for eons. There are myths and legends. There are fairytales and horror […]

  • Baby Poos In His Onesie – Dog’s Reaction Leaves Internet In Hysterics

    If you have babies, you have to deal with baby biology. The on again, off again sleep cycles. The constant need to feed. And, of course, baby…”business.” Diaper and diaper full of…”business.” Kids subtle systems don’t care if you have company, are resting in the lap of Great Aunt Lil, or simply could live without […]