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  • What Do We Call These Things Again? @CorrectNames Has All The Answers

    How did things get their names? Oh sure, we can do all the linguistic gymnastics and look back at Latin word roots, foreign language foundations, and other verbal givens, but who sat back one day and said, “You know that wooden thing over in the corner? I think we’ll call it a…’chair.’” Yes, the dictionary […]

  • Bakers Surprise Kids With Real-Life Fantasy Cakes And Their Reactions Are Amazing

    When the folks at Bon Appetit magazine decided to ask a roomful of kids about their fantasy cakes, they rose to the occasion with some pretty creative responses. From glittery unicorns to outer space travels, each child described their ultimate cake with impeccable detail. Bon Appetit Asked Kids What Their Fantasy Cakes Were And that’s […]