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  • What Do We Call These Things Again? @CorrectNames Has All The Answers

    How did things get their names? Oh sure, we can do all the linguistic gymnastics and look back at Latin word roots, foreign language foundations, and other verbal givens, but who sat back one day and said, “You know that wooden thing over in the corner? I think we’ll call it a…’chair.’” Yes, the dictionary […]

  • Creative Mom Turns Flowers And Fruit Into Fancy Fashionable Frocks

    If you’ve ever wondered what it might look like to wear your favorite flowers as a fancy frock, artist Alya Chaglar and her 3-year-old daughter Stefani have all the answers. What began as a fun family project has literally blossomed into a full-blown social media account filled with fun and creative photos. Using an assortment […]

  • 7 Tried & True Ways To Blast Makeup Stains From Your Clothing

    For those of you who have an ongoing love affair with makeup, you know that sometimes you end up with more on your clothes than your face. Whether you end up smearing your foundation on the collar of your blouse or accidentally brush your bright red lips on your scarf, don’t despair. Rather than toss […]

  • Ready For The Fourth? If Not, Here Are 11 Last Minute Craft Projects

    Way back in 1776, a group of very brave (and very rebellious) colonists decided that the newly formed United States of America was sick and tired of England’s outrageous taxation without representation and made a statement regarding its desire to do things different. On July 4th, the Continental Congress passed the Declaration of Independence, pushing […]