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  • Massive Straw Animals Invade Japanese Fields And They Are Amazing!

    Most people in the world are experiencing the magnificence of fall and depending on where you live, leaves will start to turn into shades of red, orange, and yellow in the coming weeks. Along with the beauty of autumn, the season also ushers in the holiday season, with festivals galore. In Northern Japan, the Wara Art […]

  • Disney Characters Face Swap And The Result Is Amazing!

    In today’s technology-fueled words, few things actually stick around. Social media sites like Facebook have been around for a while and they likely aren’t going away anytime soon, even if SnapChat or any other new app comes along and tries to force it out. But many sites come and go or are the biggest trend […]

  • Talented Artist Reimagines Disney Princesses As If They Lived In 2017

    One of the staples of just about every little girl’s childhood is Disney princesses. Every little girl has her favorite, for whatever reason, and they stick with that princess for the rest of their lives. As times change, so has Disney. The princesses have become a lot more diverse over the years: Jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas, […]

  • These Awesome DIY Decorations Will Make Halloween A Treat!

    The holiday season is right around the corner, which means you will have three solid months of festive decor! However, finding all of it can be a little cumbersome. Instead of spending hours – not to mention a small fortune – searching through craft stores, boutiques, and big-box outlets, why not try your hand at […]