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  • This Brilliant DIY Fairy House Lamp Is The Cutest Thing EVER!

    Fairies are some of the most wondrous mythical creatures around and little ones can’t seem to get enough of their sparkles, shimmery wings and fantasy lives. There’s Something Incredibly Alluring About Fairies For those of you who adore fairies (or have children that do, too) and have a little free time to get crafty, YouTube […]

  • What Do We Call These Things Again? @CorrectNames Has All The Answers

    How did things get their names? Oh sure, we can do all the linguistic gymnastics and look back at Latin word roots, foreign language foundations, and other verbal givens, but who sat back one day and said, “You know that wooden thing over in the corner? I think we’ll call it a…’chair.’” Yes, the dictionary […]

  • Artists Transforms Avocado Pits Into Gorgeously Crafted Mythical Mini Figurines

    A gifted artist has the ability to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary. Irish artist Jan Campbell was eating an avocado one day when inspiration struck. As she gazed at the pit of the avocado she just sliced, it occurred to her that there was a beautiful treasure hidden inside just waiting to be discovered. […]