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What This Cat Did When He Realized His Friend Had Died Will Break Your Heart

Animal lovers insist that their pets have feelings. While much of their theorizing comes from the notion that, in general, with anthropomorphize our fur babies (a perfect example, that phrase) when the truth is their species living by completely different natural rules. They remain predators. We don’t. Instinct plays a bigger role in their life than intuition. Or intelligence.

Not All Cats Act Like People


But Some Can’t Help Themselves


Still, there are times when the family dog or cat does something that grabs our attention. At first, it may seem like mere coincidence, but in the end, our implications seem like the only logical conclusion. Some people will argue that our four footed friends don’t offer up complex cares or concerns. Instead, we read into their behavior, with the result often being the closest we will ever come to see it happen before our eyes.

They Do Things That Are Hilarious


Big Boy and Chuey had been BFFs forever. The cats practically grew up together shared a lot of fun and playtime. Then Chuey got sick. Jaw cancer – and it didn’t look like he would make it. His owners did all they could, but eventually, it was time for the sweet little feline to cross over the rainbow bridge – and when he did, Big Boy did something that still has everyone talking.

And Sometimes They Do Things That Don’t Make Sense


There Are Those Times, However, When They Are All Too Human


What Did The Cat Do? Continue On To Find Out