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12 Before And After Looks Of Men Who’ve Shaved Off Their Beards

Between the man buns and the overgrown shaggy beards, men’s hairstyles in 2017 are definitely having their moment in the sun. But sometimes it’s okay to drift away from the herd and try a new look. For some, that might mean shearing off 10 inches of hair to donate to Locks of Love. For others, maybe a clean close shave after an extended “No Shave November” season (or three).

But whatever the path taken to change, documenting it on camera can offer a little bit more perspective on just how much you’ve changed up your look. For the men in the gallery below who’ve decided to take the plunge (meaning shave off their beards), it was a fresh start.

What was hiding behind all of that facial hair were stunning features like chiseled cheekbones, strong jaw lines and broad smiles. Their stunning before and after looks will truly have you guessing if it’s actually the same person!


Hellooooooo handsome!


Those baby blues stand out even more now!


Totally amazing transformation!


He shaved both his head and his beard for charity!

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