The Brits Can’t Handle The Snow And The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At Them!

Back in December, a brutal cold front blew across the Southeastern United States. The front caused all sorts of calamity due to the unexpected weather conditions as people who typically can wear shorts every month out of the year really had no idea what to do when the snow came. Cities are far south as Tampa, FL saw flurries and frost and it downright snowed in Tallahassee. A lot of the region was in panic mode because they just weren’t used to it.


People in Florida were left in pure amazement and wonder over the snow flurries, which kind of gave the Northerners a bit of a chuckle. Kids who had only seen snow in movies were over the moon with the fluffy white snowflakes and it was honestly pretty adorable.

On the other hand, Atlanta wasn’t nearly as amused as their neighbors to the south were. Social media flooded with angry Georgians who were completely befuddled on how to drive in the snow and how to go about their daily lives.


Weather occasionally brings pandemonium, especially when a region or area gets hit with something they just aren’t used to. As funny as it was to watch people from the Sunshine State panic over barely an inch of powder, you have to realize, they’re laughing at the rest of the country when there’s a thunderstorm in the summer.


Southerners, have no shame in your snow-induced panic! It turns out that you aren’t the only ones that freakout when a little bit of snow comes your way. A band of storms being called “The Beast in the East” hit the U.K. late this week and many Brits couldn’t handle it at all. That led to many netizens from the rest of Europe having a lot of fun at their expense.

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