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‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Crowns Man With Cerebral Palsy Winner In History-Making Finale

For 12 seasons, audiences have been captivated, moved, and awestruck by the wealth of talent that has appeared on the Britain’s Got Talent stage. In the past, the winners have included singers, dancers, gymnasts, and not one but two dog acts. Season 12 made history by crowning the first comedian as the winner, but that’s not the only reason the 2018 installment is making headlines.


Season 12’s final pulled the highest ratings since 2015. BGT hit a peak Sunday night of airing in 10.6 million households, which is pretty hard to do in a genre that’s been on the decline. One of the reasons so many Brits tuned in – and the excitement even crossed the pond – is because of two of the finalists.


Now, the top-two vote getters happened to share the same talent: Comedy. This was unprecedented in the history of the show. Robert White, the runner-up is skilled at musical comedy, while the winner, Lee Ridley, is a standup comedian.


There’s nothing ordinary about these jokesters, however! In fact, both of these men have garnered an extraordinary following because of their ability to connect with millions of people. Both Lee and Robert are disabled.

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