Bride-To-Be Outraged After Wedding Venue Calls Her A ‘Cow’ In Email Mistakenly Sent To Her

Somehow, the person had either not taken the correct information down or it simply got lost but Jade claims The Mulberry Tree had no record of their appointment. She continued: “We got shown round anyway and we asked a few questions most wasn’t able to be answered as she didn’t know. So we came away disappointed not (sic) knowing any more info than we did before” and added, “The tour was done quite reluctantly with very little enthusiasm or passion or even a smile.”

Clearly upset with the visit and the lack of information provided to the couple, Jade sent the venue an email expressing her disappointment. The email she received in response is nothing short of absolute absurdity.


“Well she’s a cow!” the first line of the email read. The email went on to say that Jade and her  fiancé “p***** (her) off” and that she’s “not sure we’re the right venue for them tbh.” The email was erroneously sent to Jade instead of the manager of the venue!

Jade wrote in her email that she “cannot express how hurt and upset (she) was reading the email” and added, “How rude and unprofessional the way in which she spoke about us!” The manager did send Jade a response after she posted her review, saying she was “absolutely mortified, horrified and completely embarrassed that you had sight of such an email. It is completely unprofessional and indefensible.”

Jade and her fiancé chose another venue, with the bride writing that she was glad they didn’t spend any money with The Mulberry Tree. Can you imagine going through this?! What would your response have been? Would you’ve had the same response? After reading that experience, how about something to make you smile…

Unique and choreographed wedding dances are nothing new, but this groom and his mom came up with an epic routine for their Mother-Son Dance at the reception.

Check It Out:

Source: Groom And His Mother Pull Off Incredible Choreography At His Wedding by ssjordan

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