Bride-To-Be Outraged After Wedding Venue Calls Her A ‘Cow’ In Email Mistakenly Sent To Her

As excited as every woman (and yes, men too!) are for their wedding day, getting ready for it can be exhausting! It’s Not just the day itself that can cause even the steadiest nerves to quiver in the hours leading up to the nuptials, either. Planning a wedding can definitely be fun but it can also be overwhelming at times. Some incredibly brave women plan the big day all on their own while others choose to enlist the help of a wedding planner. Some venues even provide one to you in the wedding package you purchase.


Working with most wedding planners is pain-free. They know the ins and outs of how to execute a wedding as close to perfect as possible and have tons of useful connections which are also top-notch. Let’s face it, there have been numerous stories of the horrors that have occurred with one aspect of the wedding – like terrible wedding photographs and the wrong cake, so why not trust someone whose job it is to know who to hire and who to avoid on your special day?


Bride-to-be Jade Sharp and her fiancé went to visit The Mulberry Tree restaurant in the U.K. where they were thinking of having their wedding and reception. The venue boasts on their website that they have “many, many years of experience” and the reviews of The Mulberry Tree all seem to back up their claim of providing “a bespoke service for any type of celebration.” Well, most of the reviews, that is.


One of the glaring negative reviews of The Mulberry Tree on Trip Advisor now belongs to Jade. She had arranged an appointment to take a look at the venue at to speak with the wedding planner on staff about her upcoming nuptials. According to Jade, once she and her fiancé arrived on time, the restaurant was surprised to see them.

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