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Boy, 9, Applies For NASA Job Protecting The Planet; How They Respond Is Epic

Just when we think we’ve seen it all, life imitates art over and over again. A while back, people wondered if the U.S. government was prepared for the fictional frightmare that would be a zombie invasion. You know – the undead rising from the grave to feast on the brains of the living? The cinematic scare show that’s found favor in such films as Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead, and TV shows like The Walking Dead and Z Nation?

This Is Jack Davis


Some laughed at the very idea of our leaders spending time coming up with a plan to deal with such an awful apocalypse (zombies AREN’T real, remember?). Still, the Feds made many a horror movie fan’s day when they announced that, indeed, they have come up with strategies on how to deal with such a dilemma – if and when it should occur (and that’s a great big if). Social media had a good laugh and everyone went about their business.

He Considers Himself A ‘Guardian Of The Galaxy’


Then NASA announced it was looking for applications to fill a position they called a “Planetary Protection Officer.” In essence, this person would be in charge of protecting the Earth from an alien invasion. Now, for many, this is a more likely scenario than Grandma rising from her coffin with a hankering for human flesh. Besides, it sounds like a pretty cool job. Nine-year-old Jack Davis thought so. Calling himself a “guardian of the galaxy” (wonder where he got that one?), he wrote to NASA, listed his qualifications (good at video games, has seen all the space and alien movies he could), and waited for a response.

So He Applied To NASA To Help Protect The Planet


NASA Wrote Back – The Next Page Offers Up What They Said