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Boy With Cancerous Tumor Gets Treatment And An Apology From Mother Who Abandoned Him

After years and years of suffering, Prosper’s father became desperate for his son and reached out to a charity for help.

A nun from the Liliane Foundation, a charity that specializes in treating disabled children from developing countries, put Prosper and his dad in contact with another charity in Italy that provides medical support for impoverished children.

After a video plea for help was received by A Voice For Padre Pio, the foundation flew him to Naples to get the diagnosis Prosper waited six painful years for.



Prosper began undergoing biopsies, scans, and other tests and was finally told he had Burkitt lymphoma, an incredibly rare form of cancer in which the disease attacks healthy cells that are working in the immune system.

In most cases, left untreated the tumor would be fatal.

But Prosper’s cancerous tumor, which is known to be the fastest growing tumor researched, grew shockingly slow, which prolonged his life.

Prosper underwent an aggressive treatment plan of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, stem cell replacement to reduce the tumor.

In the process, he received something else: An apology letter from his estranged mother.

Now, scans show that Prosper’s swelling has been reduced significantly and his eyes are now open.

“I have nearly finished my chemotherapy and everything has deflated. My face is much better,” Prosper said.

Watch His Story:

As painful as his cancer was, the abandonment by his mother likely hurt just as much. Hopefully, her apology helps heal those wounds on the inside he’s been living with since he was 11.

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