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Boy With Cancerous Tumor Gets Treatment And An Apology From Mother Who Abandoned Him

For most women, when their baby is born they immediately feel an unbreakable bond. In their hearts, they vow to always love and protect their child at all costs.

It’s a promise that lasts throughout her life and it is unwavering.

17-year-old Kambou Sie’s mother is the exception.


Kambou, who is called “Prosper,” began developing a tumor on his face when he was 11.

His mother claimed she “couldn’t cope” with her child’s illness and abandoned him. Prosper was left to be raised by his father.


“People said I was some kind of monster, saying that maybe it was something I had eaten which made me like this, but my cheeks just kept getting bigger and bigger.

“When I became ill, everyone said that I would not be healed or loved, so she [his mother] stopped caring about me and looked after her other children instead.

“When the disease got worse, everybody left me. My father was the only one who looked after me.”


The tumor was left untreated because of the extreme poverty Prosper and his father lived in in the Ivory Coast.

The tumor grew to engulf his whole face, forcing his eyes closed and blocking his mouth, making it a struggle for Prosper to breathe.

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