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This 13-Year-Old Boy Is Trapped Inside The Body Of A Toddler

It’s hard to imagine sometimes that everyone has a different perception as “normal.”

What you believe to be the norm varies drastically from someone close to you like your neighbor or coworker.

For one teen and his family, their idea of normal is quite different than ours.


“Normal” for Angus Palmes is being 13 years old but trapped in the body of a toddler.

Due to a chromosomal abnormality, his body halted its growth when he was a baby and medical professionals cannot find a reason as to why this condition happened.

Doctors call what Angus has “happy syndrome” because there is no scientific name for this particular condition and the teen is always laughing and smiling.



Along with looking like a toddler, another effect of this chromosomal condition is that he communication skills are also that of a small child as well.

He communicates using simple sign language that his mother, Tandy, can understand.

Angus is only 3’1″ and 30 pounds but can walk with assistance, but there are many physical demands. He takes up to 250 medications per week and has undergone several medical procedures. However, he’s definitely a strong little boy – he even beat meningitis when he was two!


It’s not easy for Tandy or Angus, but to them, this is a normal life.

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