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Boy With Down Syndrome Captures Stunning Photo Of Guardian Angel-Like Image In Clouds

On a recent flight from Baltimore to Houston, Kerri Liles gave her son AAsher, 7, her phone to play with during takeoff to help distract him from the turbulence. Born with Down syndrome, AAsher’s parents gave him an extra “A” in his name to represent the extra chromosome he has.

AAsher Liles, 7, Is Fascinated With Taking Photos Like His Photographer Mom, Kerri


AAsher often liked to take photos just like his mom, who is a professional photographer, so she didn’t think anything was unusual about the photos he took until later that day.

AAsher Was Given An Extra “A” In His Name To Symbolize The Extra Chromosome He Has From Down Syndrome


As she was deleting some photos to make room on her phone, she stumbled upon a striking image of a figure in the clouds. Astonished by the similarity of the clouds to a male figure, Kerri believes in her heart that her son captured the image of his guardian angel.

Here’s The Stunning Image AAsher Captured


She decided to share the image on Facebook to see what others thought it might be.

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