Sad News For The Man Known As ‘Tree Man’ After His Warts Begin To Grow Back

It’s always disheartening to learn that someone who suffered from a great deformity or disease who was supposedly “cured” has a relapse.

Abul Bajandar’s story traveled the world last year after many surgeries were believed to have cured him of Epidermodysplasia verruciformis, an extremely rare skin disorder caused by infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV) which results in wart-like growths on the body.


Bajandar is said to be the most aggressive case of the skin condition doctors had ever seen. Over the years, warts on his hands grew to be large and cumbersome; he could not feed or bathe himself. He also grew massive warts on his feet as well.

Sadly, Bajandar couldn’t even properly hold his beloved child and his wife was forced to do everything for her young husband who is only 27 years old!


Everything seemed to change for Bajandar when he underwent several surgeries early last year to remove his growths.

Initially, it seemed the procedures worked and he would be able to be an active worker and father once again.


He remained in the hospital being monitored and having more surgeries that removed more than 11 pounds of warts from his hands and feet over the course of a year, but doctors’ biggest fear came to fruition.

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