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Child With Autism Won’t Sit Still For Haircut, But This Barber Knows Just What To Do!

Autism comes in many different forms and in many different severities.

One characteristic that affects a majority of the children on the spectrum is Sensory Processing Disorder.


This is a condition where the brain has trouble receiving and responding to information that comes in through the senses leaving the people who have SPD either hypo- or hypersensitive and in very rare cases, both.

Six-year-old Wyatt is one of those kids that is both.


As simple as a haircut is for most people, children with ASD find it very distressing; the sound of the buzzers, the bright lights and colors, the smell of the hair products, etc. all affect their senses much more so than someone without SPD or ASD.

This makes getting a child’s haircut who is on the spectrum taxing on everyone: the child, the barber, the parents, and even other patrons.


Barber Franz Jakob understands how trying a haircut can be for kids with special needs and has devoted his practice to making the process a little easier.

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