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This Little Girl Didn’t Know It, But Her Babysitter Is Also A…Mermaid???

Woe is the lowly babysitter. No, we aren’t talking about nannies, or au pairs, or those people hired to make rich kids feel even more isolated and privileged. In this case, the caregiver we are celebrating is the one that takes time off of school or their home life to spend a few hours watching over a neighbor or friends’ children. It’s the beginning career move for many a pre-teen, and if done correctly, can provide that additional income an adolescent needs for their burgeoning social life.

Some Babysitters Are Amazing


But it’s not easy being a babysitter circa 2017. Kids are pretty savvy, and with almost unlimited access to all manner of electronic entertainment options, most guardians just give up, letting the video or streaming service offering do most of the heavy lifting. Raid the fridge. Have those personal phone calls your parents would balk at. Just be a child watching other children and making a few bucks for doing so.

Keegan Carnahan Is A Great Babysitter


There are situations where a babysitter will go above and beyond the call. Sometimes, it’s as simple as paying a bit more personal attention to your clients. In other instances, it’s being willing to drop down to the level of your charge, finding out what they like and using it to help bolster your babysitter status. In Tampa, Florida, a girl named Keegan Carnahan did just that, and her efforts have the web buzzin’.

Just Ask Little Alidy


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